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Bow Valley Straws

Reuseable Cold Cups & Lids for Glass Straws

$3.00 CAD - $40.00 CAD
Reuseable Cold Cups & Lids for Glass Straws

Modified Reusable Cold Cup Lids
$3 Includes shipping within Canada.

Lids have been modified at the straw hole to fit my Glass Straws which are 10mm wide, these lids still work with the usual plastic straws that come with these cups if desired.

Lids fit the SB reusable 24 oz Cold Cups (cup and straw sold separately)
Please message me with any questions! I do have some cups available or they are easy and CHEAP to find at your local SB, if you don't see them at the counter just ask them :)

**I have added a package with the cups which is a BASIC logo reusable venti sb cup, adjusted lid and a glass straw and which also includes TRACKED shipping in the price. Contact me for customization on your cup (vinyls etc) or different straw designs**

These reusable cold cups are best paired with my 10" or 11" straws but can also be used with 8"



Standard Shipping is FREE in Canada. Tracked shipping is $10.
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All Intl + USA Shipping prices now include tracking (July 28, 2020)
USA: $12-15 CAD
Intl: $20-30 CAD