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Bow Valley Straws

$5 Friday

$5.00 CAD On sale
$5 Friday

Each week on Fridays I'll add a few new straws, stir sticks and/or tiny animals to this listing, all for $5 each.

These are designs i've been testing or ones with a *slight* design imperfection (which will be noted/shown!) or some may be ones that i've had around for way too long :)

Up for grabs this week, some designs I’ve been playing around with, some I just made on the wrong size straw or didn’t get perfect (those ones noted with**)

- 6” Purple + White Flower Swirl – Straight
- 6” Red Mushroom Swirl – Bent
- 7” Clear Straw – Wavy
- 7” Yellow + Sparkly black Sunflower – Bent **has extra dot of yellow by 1 flower
- 8” Mist Green Turtle - Bent **used blue for the eyes by accident and put black over top of it (see pic for close up!)

Stir Sticks:
- 7" Clear Wavy Stir Stick
- 7” Orca Stir Stick **it just looks like a shark to me? Idk
- 7” Crescent Moon Stir Stick **Has dichro sparkle but its burnt out and mostly just white
- 2 x 7" Stir Sticks with purple, red & black swirl

- Tiniest little baby turtle - Icy Blue + Sparkly (Blue 1cm x 1cm)
- Turquoise snake (4cm long)**slightly chonkier than usual neck
- Baby Duck (1cm x 2cm) **first one so hes a lil funny 😊
- “Large” tiny carrot (3.5cm) **just larger than my usual ones
- CFL Axolotl (0.5cm x 3cm)– Turns Pink in CFL light, Greyish-greenish-blueish (idk lol) in natural light, see pic 3!
- Jade Green Snake (5cm) – a bit sparkly too, its’s just been around forever <3

- MYSTERY ITEM – only 1 available :D

All Items will be added here between 10am-11am MST on Fridays (June 2nd next!) First come first serve, you can prep a cart beforehand too and your info should save (no promises if you use adblockers etc)

See my instagram page: for more of what will be available each Friday morning. Cases + Brushes available separately in my shop!

Handcrafted and Kiln-annealed Borosilicate Glass straws and stir sticks are the best reusable options out there, plus they are tiny works of Art. Borosilicate Glass Straws are super easy to clean with either a cleaning brush or just in a dishwasher, being see-through you’ll never be left wondering if there’s something still stuck in there. I design and make all my pieces myself on a torch using glasswork techniques taken from both glassblowing & lampworking, and all my work is kiln annealed as a final step. Each item is handmade and unique and some of my designs can take months to get "just right" before I add them to my shops - I want everything I make to be something you'll want to keep forever! I hope my work is collected and still in use 50 years from now, just as I collect and use vintage glassware today :)


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