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Turquoise & Rose Quartz Mama + Baby Turtle Tiny Glass Set

$40.00 CAD

A Turquoise & Rose Quartz Tiny Turltle Mama + Baby Glass Set. Handcrafted using Borosilicate glass, this 3 piece set also includes a tiny glass Mushroom with Rose Quartz Cap.

Tiny Glass Animals are perfect for succulent gardens, fairy houses, your desk at work or anywhere you'd like to see a cute little face to cheer you up.

Each Mama Turtle is approx .05"-1" tall/long and just over 0.5" wide. It's feet are flat so you can also easily glue it to something if you wanted as well. Mushrooms are approx .7" tall.

~Only 1 set available~

These tiny works of art are handcrafted using borosilicate glass and kiln annealed as a final step to help ensure longevity. Each item is unique and no 2 will ever be the same, but I can get pretty close! :) I design and make all my pieces myself; I want everything I make to be something you'll want to keep forever! I hope my work is collected and still in use 50 years from now, just as I collect and use vintage glass today <3

**All pieces are made from 100% Borosilicate glass, intended for decorative purposes and they are NOT made to be a child's toy!**


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